What is the greatest gift you can give your children?  Ask your child and the answer may be phones, bikes or video games. But most Christian parents know that the greatest gift they can give their children is Jesus Christ and the moral training that will help them know and love Him more. 

As parents, we want to see our children grow to be strong and successful followers of Jesus Christ.  Twenty-one years ago Christian parents started Fond du Lac Christian School to fulfill this vision for Christian parents. 

Fond du Lac Christian School exists to provide parents with an educational alternative that combines academic excellence with training in righteousness.  An education that will train students to be men and women of integrity, purpose and ability. Men and women who know Jesus Christ, and live to bring glory to His name.

A child grows in moral character and ability when they are surrounded by a Christ centered community of love, in which they feel valued and respected.  Godly teachers create this environment through prayer and by valuing each student as priceless because of their value within the heart and purpose of God.

Fond du Lac Christian School also realizes the highest academic achievement, by developing the unique abilities within each child.  Through hands on learning, STEM, and traditional education, students in this K4-12 grade program develop higher level thinking skills and academic excellence to succeed in college and throughout the rest of their lives.

True education trains the mind and molds the character of a child, helping them become successful adults who flourish in all areas of their lives.  Fond du Lac Christian School is a family of believers who will help you achieve this in your children.  What greater gift could you give them?