Christian Schools:
• Place a greater emphasis upon spiritual and moral growth.
• Emphasize the truth found in the Bible to give biblical belief regarding history and science.
• Develop a biblical worldview.

Christian Students:
• Score significantly higher in national norms in every grade level
• Read at least one grade level above the national achievement tests.

Christian School Graduates:
• Are significantly more likely to pray and read the Bible daily.
• Are more likely to attend church,
• Are more likely to emphasis the importance of a personal relationship with God.
• Attend college at a significantly higher rate then the national average
• Obtain graduate school credit at a greater rate then the national average.
• Donate more money and time to churches, missions and charitable causes.
• Have a stronger sense of direction, purpose and meaning in their lives.
            *Sources: Cardus Education Survey, 2011

Christian parents have a short time to develop and train their children both spiritually and morally.  School is a major source of influence in each child’s life.  This influence either supports or detracts from parental influence.

Fond du Lac Christian School began in 1995 to support and partner with parents in their role of developing godly young adults.  We provide excellence in education within the context of faith and high moral standards.  We use every opportunity to instill the principles and beliefs taught in your home.  This approach lays the foundation for academic success and moral integrity.
Our Students Are:
• Loved and Prayed For
• Encouraged and Nurtured
• Challenged and Mentored
• Trained in Righteousness
• Given Opportunities to Develop a Servant’s Heart
Fond du Lac Christian School Offers:
• Safe, Loving Classrooms
• Emphasis upon Moral Development
• Christ Centered Curriculum
• Excellence in Education
• Small Class Sizes
• Professional, Loving Instructors
• Music, Art, and Physical Education  begin in Kindergarten
• Drama, Spanish, Computers begin in 1st Grade
• Active Sports Program
• Opportunities for Leadership Development

If you are looking for a school where Christ is preeminent, each child is cherished and academic excellence is valued, consider Fond du Lac Christian School for your child!