To serve the Christian home and Church by discipling students academically and spiritually; helping each student attain a Biblical worldview and their full potential as unique and beloved creations of a sovereign God.


Within a community of love, we will develop well educated and committed servant-leaders who will transform their world for Christ.


  • Academic Excellence– Challenging students to strive to fulfill their greatest potential.
  • Moral Maturity – Developing integrity within each student.
  • Biblical Centered Instruction – Basing all of life upon the truth found in the Word of God.
  • Prayer Saturation – Cultivating a growing, total dependence upon our sovereign God.
  • Mission Focused Purpose – Inspiring students to use their gifts and abilities to teach and serve their world.
  • Caring Community – Unifying staff, students and parents in love and purpose, as they teach and train students.

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